Klee Thomas

Software Developer

About Me

I'm one of the organisers of the Newcastle Coders Group, a technology agnostic software development group meeting on the first wednesday of each month at the University of Newcastle.

A professional software developer with a strong interest in building well crafted, maintainable codebases. My work place primarily uses NodeJs and React with older ssystems built in C# and APS.net.

Outside of software development I'm a student at Newcastle Okinawan GoJu Ryu Karate based in Hamilton.

All opinions expressed here or elsewhere are my own.

Contact Me

  • For random social stuff try twitter @kleeut
  • Read my blog for ramblings about software development.
  • For code related stuff GitHub.
  • For things related to the Newcastle Coders Group try Meetup.
  • For employment related communications try LinkedIn.

Assorted links

A few links to things that I've done